Maintenance, Bodywork, Car Grooming & Polishing

Car Maintenance

Elite diagnostic mechanics

Our elite mechanics are experts in diagnosing automotive mysteries and you can be sure that they will get to the bottom of any issues with your car. Our mechanics are so good that they are sought after by government agencies and other workshops that regularly engage us to solve their customer’s vehicular issues.

State of the art diagnostic equipment

We deploy cutting edge diagnostic technology that is able to read your vehicle’s ECU and electronic components – this ensures a clear path of communication between your car’s computer systems and our specialised technicians. If you have an issue with your car that no one seems to be able to solve, we will solve it.

Wheel Alignment Computer System TRIGON 728

Does your car have uneven wear on its tyres? Does your car drift to one side when you are driving straight? This is an indication that your car’s wheels are out of alignment. Our state of the art TRIGON 720 system fixes this instantly. Trigon 728 is the most technologically advanced wheel alignment system a toe-in measurement range of ±25º, with a modular design that adapts to every car brand and model.

Advanced injector cleansing system from LIQUI MOLY®

After a couple of years, your car naturally loses power due to these carbon deposits building up on your injectors. This also causes an increase in fuel consumption and idle vibrations. LIQUI MOLY’s JetClean system fixes all these problems by completely eliminating carbon deposits from your car’s injectors, inlet valve, piston crown and combustion chamber. This state of the art solution far surpasses the traditional solution of engine redlining.

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Bodywork & Car Grooming

Paint polishing – rejuvenate the paint on your car

Want your car to look brand new again? At S Three Automotive we use industrial grade polishing equipment to give your car a long-lasting shine. Unlike the cheap polishing products that you may find at supermarkets, our industrial polishing method does not require repeated re-coatings or re-polishes. Do it once with us and it will last for years.

Repairing minor and major dents or scratches

Did you just brush against a wall at your carpark? Or did you reverse into a lamppost? Our bodywork specialists are trained to perfectly repair any dents or scratches on your car. We will have your car looking as good as new in no time.

Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Our technicians are experts in repairing minor windscreen chips and replacing entire windscreens. We use specialised suction equipment to remove your windscreen safely and completely, allowing a perfect reinstallation of a new piece of glass.

Full body & partial paint respray

We use industrial grade spray painting equipment to apply multiple coats of paint on your car. This ensures the longest lasting and highest quality paint coat that you will have on your car.

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