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Our Servicing Packages

Our servicing packages have been formulated according to your car manufacturer's servicing schedule. Each vehicle brand and model has its own customised servicing schedule. For typical Japanese 1.6L cars, the servicing schedule can be found here. Our optimised servicing regime is set at every 10,000km intervals for all vehicles.

The correct servicing package is dependent on your mileage as well as the wear-and-tear condition of your car. For example, Package "A" servicing is typically for vehicles at 10k, 30k, 50k, 70k and 90k mileage, Package "B" is for 20k, 60k, 100k, 140k and 180k mileage, and Package "C" is for 40k, 80k, 120k, 160k and 200k mileage. However, the recommended servicing package may vary depending on the wear and tear of a vehicle, notwithstanding the actual mileage.

Please note that the listed prices of our servicing packages are only for the basic service. This includes parts and material replacement for all the items listed under the 'Parts & Material Replacement' section below. For the 'Electrical System Checks' and 'Control System Checks', the items listed here will be checked and if replacements are required, additional charges are applicable.

Further, the listed prices for the Japanese Cars 2.0L & above, Continental European Cars and American cars are for the lowest vehicular tier. The prices may vary from the listed prices depending on your vehicle model. Please give us a call for a more accurate servicing quotation.


Service Package Package "A" Package "B" Package "C”
Mileage 10k, 30k, 50k, 70k, 90k 20k, 60k, 100k, 140k, 180k 40k, 80k, 120k, 160k, 200k
Japanese Cars 1.6L S$168 S$228 S$388
Japanese Cars 2.0L & above S$168+*
Continental European Cars S$218+*
American Cars


*These prices are for the lowest vehicular tier and will be higher depending on your car model.

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Japanese 1.6L Cars – Car Servicing Comparison Table


1.6L cars


Parts & Material Replacement

Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Drain Plug Gasket

Spark Plugs

Air Filter

Aircon Filter

Engine Coolant

Brake / Clutch Fluid

Transmission Oil

Transmission Oil Filter

Electrical System Checks *

Horn Operations

Windscreen Wiper Systems

Exterior Lightings

Cluster Indicators

Battery Condition & Electrolyte

Wiper Washer Fluid Level

Engine System Checks *

Drive Belt / V Belt Condition

Fuel Tank Cap, Lines

Radiator Hoses Condition

Exhaust Mountings 

Engine Mountings

Throttle Unit / AAC Valve

Radiator Pressure Cap

Control System Checks *

Tyres & Inflation Pressure

Tyres Condition

Power Steering Hose & Pump

Clutch Master Pump, Hoses &Lines

Brake Pump, Hoses & Lines

Drive Shaft Boots

Ball Joints & Dust Covers

Steering Tie Rod Ends

Steering Gearbox & Boots

Transmission & Transaxle Oil

Rotate / Balance All Tyres

Front Brake Pads, Disc & Caliper

Rear Brake (Drum, Cylinder, Shoes)

Rear Brake (Disc, Caliper, Pads)

All Wheel Bearing Conditions

All Shock Absorbers (For Leakage)

Stabilizer Bar / Link & Bushing

Column & Tilt Lever (Movement)

Body System Lubrication

All Door Hinges

Tailgate Hinges

Hood Hinges & Latch


Road Test

Diagnostic Scan

package "A"

fr $168

10k, 30k, 50k, 70k, 90k

package "B"

fr $228

20k, 60k, 100k, 140k, 180k

package "C"

fr $388

40k, 80k, 120k, 160k, 200k

*items that fall within the 'Electrical System Checks', 'Engine System Checks' and 'Control System Checks' sections are CHECKS only, additional charges are applicable for replacement parts.

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