Accident Repair & Claims

Involved in an accident?

Accident Repair Keep Calm

1. Keep Calm

Stay calm! If you’ve just met with an accident, the first thing you must do is stay calm. Do not get angry or frustrated. The other driver is about have a bad day as well, so try to be friendly! Whatever you do, do not apologise for anything.

Accident Repair Take Photographs

2. Take Photographs

Take as many photographs as you can with your smartphone. You will need to cover:

1. The scene of the accident
2. The damage of your vehicle
3. The damage of any other vehicles
4. The license plate of any other vehicles
5. The drivers of any other vehicles

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3. Exchange Particulars

You will need to exchange the following particulars with all the other drivers:

1. Car registration numbers of all vehicles involved
2. Names, NRIC numbers, addresses and phone numbers of all the involved drivers, passengers and witnesses

To facilitate (2), take photographs of the NRIC of all the parties involved. Don’t forget the phone numbers.

S Three Automotive Accident Reporting

4. Make an Accident Report

Make a trip down to our workshop to make an accident report. We are an authorised Accident Reporting Centre accredited by the General Insurance Association of Singapore for third-party insurance claims. We are also able to assist with own-damage insurance claims where the insurance policy allows external workshop repairs.

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5. Repair Your Vehicle

With our experienced mechanics and state-of-the-art equipment, we endeavour to repair your vehicle to an almost brand new state. We will provide a complimentary replacement car for your convenience during the duration of repair. All our repairs come with a satisfaction-guaranteed 6-month warranty.

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6. Collect Your Vehicle

Finally, the last step in the process is to collect your repaired vehicle from us.

Call us to arrange for a tow truck

Why choose us?

The best accident repair mechanics in the industry

Our mechanics specialise in repairing even in the most badly damaged vehicles. We commonly accept referral from government agencies and third party workshops to repair vehicles that have been deemed ‘total loss’ by insurance companies.

Your vehicle will be repaired to an almost brand new state

Our workshop is equipped with advanced repair and bodywork machinery. With a premium chassis-puller and industrial-grade polishing equipment at our workshop, your car will be almost brand new and shiny when you collect it from us.

6-months warranty on all repaired vehicles

We provide a satisfaction-guaranteed 6 months warranty on all vehicles that have been repaired by us. You can have peace of mind when you collect your vehicle, knowing that we will always be around to address any issues that may arise with your vehicle.

The best experienced insurance claim agents

Our insurance claim agents have more than 16 years of experience processing insurance claims on behalf of our customers. You can be assured that your legal rights will be protected and your insurance claim against either your own insurer or the third party’s insurer will be resolved to your satisfaction.

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